Love to fish? Love the water? Love the ocean? Love mermaids?

We are your people!

After being in the shadows of the saltwater fishing industry for more than 25 years I have realized a few things. First: cool stuff that everyone doesn’t have is hard to find. Second: I can do it myself! It’s just silly to wait for someone else to do it for me when I have the passion and the ability.

People ask me all the time if I like to fish, I love to fish… but I don’t get to do it much. Working full time in the industry and being a mom doesn’t allow much time for fishing. My favorite fishing to do is any kind of fishing with my family. I love to watch my daughter learn and love to fish!

As I learn and grow into my space I will add more products and designs. For now most is on demand production. It gives us a really cool opportunity to try new designs and offer more products, like shoes and leggings. Please remember these items are printed to order. Check the sizing before you order, if you are concerned email me and I will assist as best I can with how things look and fit on me. I am trying to order samples as I go so I can have first hand knowledge about the product specifics.

Leggings, shoes, swim, towels, blankets, pillows,& backpacks are sublimated cut and sewn on demand. Please remember that dark colors on sublimated material lighten when stretching… I have made leggings with lighter colored backgrounds for that reason.

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